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SugarKiss Dessert and Cocktail Lounge

Hi and welcome to SugarKîss. We focus on delicious desserts accompanied with classic cocktails, specialty martinis and infused liquors surrounded with a lively lounge atmosphere. Heads up !!! We are not open yet. We are still in the beginning stages of getting everything set up and ready to go. Building menus, finding distributers, finding a location, etc. Follow us on Facebook so you're up to date on the latest news and when the Dessert and Cocktail Lounge will be open.

Who is SugarKiss

SugarKiss is female owned and female focused. Everything we do in this lounge has the “what would she want” in mind. Based here in Arvada, Colorado we can’t wait to show you what we have in store. Music, lights , dancing , cocktails , you’ll be asking your ladies when they are free so you can come check this place OUT ASAP! We will create memorable guest experiences for you by focusing on you , YAAAAS QUEEN! Female DJ’s , live entertainment , sexy feminine ambiance , maybe even some sexy male bartenders. This whole concept came about because my girlfriends and I wanted a lady's night. We would google: “LADIES NIGHT” and your local sports bar or dive bar would pop up with their “ladies night specials” or we would google: “PLACES TO DANCE NEAR ME” , nothing , we would have to go downtown to find a dance spot. I also started to notice the lack of dessert choices in local bars. So here a baby was born. SugarKiss! The ultimate lady's night lounge. Desserts , dancing , cocktails & events to network , get mommy's and females alike together and inspire , support and show love to one another. We imagine this to be so much bigger than just a Dessert and Cocktail Lounge , this will be a family , a safe spot , a place for you , created by you. Cheers and we can’t wait to see your smiling faces.


With around 6-10 dessert choices, with some being seasonal, you'll be sure to find a treat just right for you and your occasion. Liquor infused & served in a shot glass? We want delicious desserts with a touch of "adult love." SugarKiss also plans to have an ultimate sundae for the kiddos.


Trail mix , peanut butter balls or fruit. These options will be less on the sweet side and something for you and your girls to snack on & enjoy.

Classic Desserts

When deciding our dessert options we will keep chocolate, tangy, salty and seasonal options in mind. We are still deciding on our distributer or if we should partner with a local bakery. If you have any suggestions, please contact us. We want our desserts to not only be Instagram worthy but taste unforgettable, memorable! You'll be craving for more. Cheat day anyone? We will have menus up with exact dessert options ASAP.

Special Occasions

Our space is available to rent for special occasions, great for bachelorette parties, birthday parties, baby showers, anniversary's & collage graduations. Prices will vary depending on time of year, time space is rented for and day. Please contact us for more information regarding special occasions. We will also offer reservations with an online system. This will all be in place when the Dessert and Cocktail Lounge is up and running.


Here at SugarKiss we want to please every gal. From the PBR babe to the Lemon Drop martini chugger, we will have something for everyone. Our bar will focus on freshly made infused liquors, craft local beer and specialty cocktails. What is a must have for you...?


O we know how you like it. Sweet, strong, exotic. Dark, light, maybe even caramel. Seasonal cocktails from all walks of earth. InSTA worthy too!


SK would like to focus on local crafted beer. Seasonal and rotating. Beers on tap, bottles or cans, you're sure to find a beer that will quench your thirst.


House infused vodkas, whiskeys, tequilas and gin. We will have some favorites year-round and other infusions will depend on the season. Here @ SK we want to focus on not just Happy Hour but all hours! When we get more established, we will have prices posted. We are also so excited to announce, we will be doing split shots!!! Want a shot but not the whole thing? Order one shot and get it split in as many ways as you'd like. BOOM! Mind BLOWN!

N/A Beverages

Here @ SK we believe in having a blast while enjoying delicious desserts and mocktails. The owner's grandma would always say, "only boring people get bored." We will put a lot of thought into our non-alcoholic choices and make them memorable, making you want to come back for more!

Call (720) 206-4724

If you or someone you know is looking for employment or partner opportunities, vendor relations, networking, private events or just want to tell us what we should have in stock. Please call or email now! Shoot, we wouldn't even mind your grandma's best dessert recipes LOL. Cheers and we hope to see your beautiful face soon.

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